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I am a community-minded, dazzle-driven, sweet-tea guzzling farm girl with a passion for making AMAZING greeting cards. Although I often have several awesome birthday cards pre-made, I find joy in making a NEW one for a specific friend or family member, and sending that instead. My friends say I have a natural talent for color coordination, and that IS one of my favorite things. 

I enjoy teaching workshops and bringing my card kits to Stamp Camp. Whether you have a special project in mind, are curious about starting a new fun hobby, or just want to spend a few hours weekly with others who love to socialize and make cards, definitely consider allowing me to become your creative coach. I would greatly appreciate the chance to see what you have in mind and help you create a masterpiece that will make someone else's day. Contact me about any events you see on the schedule for more details, or ask how you can host your own event, with me as a demonstrator, prepared with project kits for all!

God bless you. Happy Creating!